I Have a Big Head and Little Arms

Published January 1, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

I bet most of us recognize this line. It’s by Tiny the T-rex in Meet the RobinsonsImage

Today, I’m going to talk about that movie and why I love it so much :3

Some of you guys might think that this is a kid’s movie, but you are wrong! It is a movie for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are 3 years old or 70-something. This movie packs a punch.

Meet the Robinsons is about an orphan named Lewis who wants to see what his mother looked like and possibly stop her from leaving him. So he makes this memory reader machine that looks through your memories and projects it on its screen. But this weird kid claims he’s from the future and warns him about a guy in a bowler hat. The bowler hat guy messes with his machine and it fails in the science fair. He decides that he’s a failure and no one wants him. But the kid that warned him about the guy is here on a mission to find the bowler hat guy that wants to destroy Lewis. To prove he’s from the future he takes Lewis to the future. But the time machine breaks and he’s stuck in the future until he fixes it. In the meantime he spends quality time with the family, who is actually HIS family in the future. The bowler hat guy is about to mess with time and Lewis has to stop him.

I’ll share a personal story with you guys. I was bummed out about my grades one day, they were really low. And I started thinking about the effects and all. I was reaaaaaally sad. Especially because I didn’t know how to handle all the disappointment. I told one of my friends. She told me to go to HBO, when i asked why, she didn’t answer, so I just went. Meet the Robinsons was on. It was the scene where Tiny said his line. I couldn’t help but laugh. I like funny movies so I stayed and watched. By the end of the movie, I didn’t feel so bad. I realized that it was only the first quarter, I had time to improve.

The major point in this movie is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD, to not let failure get in the way of your success. It teaches you to not be afraid of failure, because failure is the first step to succeeding. You mess up? Good for you, seriously. You get to know where you went wrong and fix it. You’ve learned something that will possibly keep other mistakes from happening and help others too.

If you haven’t seen it, I’m sorry for the spoilers in the 1st paragraph. Thats not the whole thing though, so please watch it. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

signing off

Dont forget to Keep Moving Forward

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