365 Days: Quote Me

Published January 4, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles


I know the quote sounds bitter, but don’t look at it that way. Look at it the Nic way.

I don’t see the quote like it says wake up, face reality, your dream ain’t coming true. The way I see it, the quote is telling you to make your dream a reality.

It’s telling you to get off your butt, stop planning and just go for your dream.

Personally, I hate it when people say “Oh, I can’t do it because [insert lame reason here]”

I honestly think they’re just scared and making excuses so they don’t have to do what scares them: taking that one chance that could make their dreams come true. Because that’s what people are instinctively scared of. The future and what happens after you take that one chance.

I’ll tell you this, there are 2 choices if you take that chance and you go wrong.

1. Get up, dust off, find out where you went wrong and try again. Or,

2. Stop your life with that one mistake.

If you don’t do it though, wouldn’t it just kill you inside? All the ‘what ifs’. All the regret that you didn’t take that chance when it was right in front of you. All the time you’ll spend (day)dreaming about that moment that could have happened. If only you took that chance. That will be the thought that will haunt you for the rest of your life if you didn’t take the chance.

So please, take that chance. If it goes right, good for you. If it goes wrong, follow #1 🙂

signing off


17 comments on “365 Days: Quote Me

  • Good job! I’m so proud of you! You’re turning into such a fine young lady. Stay happy, content and positive. Life is filled with surprises. You just have to be brave and make the right choices. Always remember that a whispered prayer coming from the heart is a shout out to God. Love you forever.

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