365 Days: My Favorite

Published January 6, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when something you’ve gotten so used to, say internet, was taken away in an instant? It’s like that too when someone you’ve gotten so used to seeing can’t make it on a certain day. You don’t NEED to see the person but you just feel that you have to. Cause well, it’s your FAVORITE person we’re talking about.  It’s like withdrawal symptoms

The longest time I’ve spent away from my favourite person…around 1 month and a week.

And oh my god. It was SO HARD to cope the first week. Like, I’d forget the person wouldn’t go.

So, why couldn’t I see that person? Well, that person was Taoist. And it was the month of August. Ghost month. That means the ghosts are active and you aren’t allowed to move furniture around and other Chinese mumbo jumbo. Since that person was Taoist, that person wasn’t allowed to go out [other than school]. And we didn’t go to the same school, so I had absolutely NO WAY of seeing that person.

I swear, August 2013 was one of the hardest months I’ve been through. When I had a rough week, no one would be there at the gate making me laugh my guts out.

See, our routine was either to see each other on Wednesday or Thursday at the gate of my school, in the corner where we met. [I couldn’t exit the school because of my parent’s overprotectiveness -_-] And at least one moth, we’d go out together with Mallows.

That month, I didn’t see that person once. I swear, I thought I was going crazy.

But then, September came.

Signing off

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