365 Days: Clean Slate

Published January 12, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

[i interchanged two posts because the pictures involved would not upload]

This room I’m in right now is pink and blue. I bet a girly girl lives here. There’s a glass cabinet full of plush toys, a cabinet packed with books.. Hmm.. maybe she’s a nerd? The shoe cabinet is quite full. So are the closets. Maybe a fashionista? Oooooh. Speakers. Whats this thing connected to it? It looks like a USB with a button… What does the button do? *press* “WEEEENDY RUN AWAY WITH ME~” Okay, maybe she’s not a girly girl…

So many pillows on the bed! *starts bouncing on bed* The TV looks old, I wonder if it works…

This is the person who owns the room? She was such a cute baby! And there’s an altar to the left. Must be a Catholic…. Whats this basket? It’s filled with nail polish… Guess she likes that stuff.. The mug and the saucer are filled with accessories..and there’s another one filled with keychains..

Whats in this cabinet? School supplies…Art supplies… The girl who owns this room is weird -_- she has so much junk laying around. Plus, it doesn’t make sense how she can be so many personalities at once..

I’m leaving. *closes door*

Sorry if this was confusing! Today’s assignment was to look at my room like I’ve never been in it, so this is how it’d be for me. It’d be stressful to define myself, cause I define myself as me. Does that make sense?? Heehee.

signing off


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