365 Days: Toot Your Horn

Published January 17, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

I admit I spend a lot of time self-loathing. I don’t know why. It’s become a sort of habit. And I really don’t like it. So I was glad with today’s assignment from 365 Days. It’s basically telling me to talk about something I like in myself.

Here goes.

I actually like that I look the same with and without my glasses. Cause my dad looks totally different without his glasses. I’m glad I don’t look completely different.

I actually like my eyes. Even if they are kinda cat-eye-shaped. They aren’t too small or too big. They change color [depending on the lighting] and my lashes make them look like they’ve been lined.

I actually like that I write everything I think. It makes me remember better.

I actually like that I’m the ‘right size’. Or at least the school infirmary says so. Not too skinny, not too plump. Just right.

I actually like that I can make home-made stuff easily. It saves cash. It’s a good past time. It trains your patience.

I actually like that I have a lot of pets. It makes me somewhat responsible. It keeps me happy. They make good teddies. They’re fluffy.

I actually like that I can manage to get along with my teachers.

I actually like that I can sing at least partially well. [speaking of, I was thinking of posting a cover. Should I?]

I like that I’m good at listening to people.

I like that I know my friends feel safe to talk to me about their problems

That is honestly all I can think of. I think it’s cause it’s near midnight and I’m just tired in all ways possible. And cause I’m not used to saying good things about me. This has been one of the most mind-frying posts yet

signing off

PS: there will be a follow up on this in thought bubbles, so check there tomorrow!

2 comments on “365 Days: Toot Your Horn

  • I think you SHOULD post a cover, and self loathing miss lady? What have we talked about? None of that… you’re worth so much more, don’t spend time hating yourself. There’s not too much to hate anyway, so don’t spend time on it 🙂

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