365 Days: Breaking The Law

Published January 20, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

In my school, we’re not supposed to have our phones on during class time. Being the little rebel I am, I left it on. I always do, I’m not used to turning it off because it’s just something I don’t do. The only time my phone is off is when it’s completely drained, plus it makes it easier to play games if the lecture’s boring when it’s on XD Teachers don’t check anyway

One night I got bugged. You see, when you plug my phone in to charge, it doesn’t vibrate, so I put it on general. The next morning, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t set it back to silent. I realized it while I was talking to a friend but forgot to set it back -_-

So all was well until we were taking this biiiiig English test and suddenly Finn’s Baby Bun song starts blasting from my phone’s speakers. My eyes widened and I dropped my pen. I just knew I was in big trouble. Karma finally caught up with me.

I had to surrender my phone to my school’s High School Office for an entire week. I wouldn’t have been so upset about it if it weren’t that particular day. IT WAS FRIDAY!!!! Which meant I had to endure a weekend the next two days THEN endure another 5 days of boredom without my phone. That week was torture. I felt like I was going crazy. At random times in the day, I would feel my pocket and panic because my phone wasn’t there, then I’d remember it was confiscated. It was my most paranoid day of the school year. It was agonizingly slow too. Thank God the week after I could get my phone, it was Christmas break. The school even wrapped my phone up like a present.

I still don’t turn off my phone, but now I make sure that it’s on silent 😛

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