365 Days: Sliced Bread

Published January 29, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Interviewer: What do YOU think is the best thing ever made?

Me: Ummm. Cameras

Interviewer: Oh? And why is that?

Me: Well, a camera is a really good thing to have

Interviewer: I know that, but why is it a good thing to have?

Me: OHHHH, it’s a good thing to have because it makes you happy on your saddest days

Interviewer: How? Does it tell jokes? dum dum tsss

Me: No, cameras can’t talk, silly. They capture moments you want to remember. Things from the present that you can’t bring back once it’s passed already. Things that you’d smile about when you remember. A day out with friends, special occasions, a success. Anything, really.

Interviewer: Is there anything else that contests with a camera when it comes to ‘Best Thing Invented’?

Me: Yup. A voice recorder.

Interviewer: A voice recorder?

Me: Yeah, that’s what I said.

Interviewer: How can something so ancient be one of the best things made?

Me: I’ll tell you why. Before studios, Artist only had voice recorders to make their music with solid proof. Without voice recorders, the world wouldn’t have CD’s or iTunes, OR YOUTUBE. How would the world survive without voice recorders?

Interviewer: Oh wow

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