365 Days: In A Crisis

Published January 18, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Teenage Crisis: Your crush sees you doing something embarrassing

What girls I know would do: Run. Run. RUN FOR THE HILLS!

What I would do: laugh it off, tell the guy to join us. But on the inside, I’d be panicking

I guess I’d react okay. I’m really good at projecting emotions, so it’s not really obvious when I’m feeling a certain way. In situations like those ^, I feel that you really shouldn’t show any evidence that you’re feeling embarrassed cause chances are, it’ll make the guy awkward.

In a real crisis though, like with what happened in Yolanda, I really have no idea how I would react. I’ve never been in actual crisis. I’ve been blessed to have never been in one..

Maybe, I’d cry out of desperation, or laugh out of nervousness, or act wacky to hide my fear…

I honestly don’t think I could keep my calm.

I would sob. I would ask God why. I would be traumatized.

But before any of that, I would pray, I would do my best to help those I can, and I would do my best to stay alive for those who love me.

signing off

365 Days: Toot Your Horn

Published January 17, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

I admit I spend a lot of time self-loathing. I don’t know why. It’s become a sort of habit. And I really don’t like it. So I was glad with today’s assignment from 365 Days. It’s basically telling me to talk about something I like in myself.

Here goes.

I actually like that I look the same with and without my glasses. Cause my dad looks totally different without his glasses. I’m glad I don’t look completely different.

I actually like my eyes. Even if they are kinda cat-eye-shaped. They aren’t too small or too big. They change color [depending on the lighting] and my lashes make them look like they’ve been lined.

I actually like that I write everything I think. It makes me remember better.

I actually like that I’m the ‘right size’. Or at least the school infirmary says so. Not too skinny, not too plump. Just right.

I actually like that I can make home-made stuff easily. It saves cash. It’s a good past time. It trains your patience.

I actually like that I have a lot of pets. It makes me somewhat responsible. It keeps me happy. They make good teddies. They’re fluffy.

I actually like that I can manage to get along with my teachers.

I actually like that I can sing at least partially well. [speaking of, I was thinking of posting a cover. Should I?]

I like that I’m good at listening to people.

I like that I know my friends feel safe to talk to me about their problems

That is honestly all I can think of. I think it’s cause it’s near midnight and I’m just tired in all ways possible. And cause I’m not used to saying good things about me. This has been one of the most mind-frying posts yet

signing off

PS: there will be a follow up on this in thought bubbles, so check there tomorrow!

Liebster Award :)

Published January 17, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

This honestly made my day and made me feel so much better~ [Report card gave me an anxiety attck o.o]

Rules for accepting:

  •  Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

Momma A is over at http://onesahmscrazylife.wordpress.com She is honestly one of the most adorable, amazing people I’ve met her on WordPress ❤ THANKS SO MUCH MOMMA A~ YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU [thanks for the shout out too. :)]

  •  You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.  (That list is below the nominations.)
  • You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
  • You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

My Answers :3

1) What got you into blogging in the first place?

A: I wanted people to actually willingly listen

2) What is your favorite thing to do?

A: Writing, listening to music and talking are kind of at a 3-way tie…

3) What keeps you following my blog?

A: I LOVE YA ❤ You’re my Momma A XD And i love that you’re so opinionated :3

4) What is the biggest thing that scares you?

Like in size? Hmm… I don’t really know…

5) Do you like tacos?

A: Who doesn’t like tacos? o.o

6) What is the thing you love most?

A: Music! I can live without communication, TV, almost everything. But if you take away my music, I will go crazy

7) What is the thing that scares you more than anything?

A: Getting judged. It comes from trauma

8) If you could pick a time to travel to, where would it be?

A: Somewhere around when people had big hair and colorful clothes and roller skates 🙂

9) Do you think WordPress needs an edit comment button?

A: Nope, it’ll be like changing a person’s opinion without their permission

10) How do you like the Zero to Hero Challenge so far?

A: Honestly, I’ve been kind of inactive there cause they haven’t really been giving writing assignments. I’m in an inner debate on whether to quit or not..





http://onesahmscrazylife.wordpress.com {yup, nominating you again}


[I can only come up with 5 cause everyone has like a bajillion followers]


1. Most memorable moment?

2. What’s it like where you are?

3. Movies or books?

4. Define your version of awkward

5. Describe yourself with 5 songs 😀

6. What can you not live without ?

7. What is your favorite past time?

8. Craziest thing you’ve done?

9. Top 3 places you want to go

10. Chocolate or coffee?

Notification to Readers

Published January 14, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

So I just want to say that I will not write about politics, recent issues, religion, etc. Regardless if it’s in 365 days or whatever

My blog is about me and things I care about and honestly, I really don’t want to talk about those things because

a) It’s not in my league as a 14-year old

b)It might get me into trouble

c) I feel that those topics are just too heavy for my blog

d)Writing about those topics just steer my blog in a direction I don’t want it to go

e) I’m not involved in those things fully yet

I hope you guys understand. I just cannot write about those things. I’m too opinionated for such controversial topics.

Don’t worry, I’ve put up alternatives for when I receive prompts regarding those manners. Just watch out for them.

365 Days: Take Two

Published January 14, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

[Hey guys, sorry I wasn’t able to post this on time. This was supposed to be posted yesterday!]

I took two photos today. One of the outside of my house, and one when I directly come in. For some reason, they won’t upload, so I’ll just tell you guys what the photos look like.

The one of the outside shows the gate for cars, and the smaller gate for people, along with the plants and my car. The one of the inside shows a lot of doors, and a sort of corridor. Basically, the pictures are filled with passageways.

I don’t know why, but when I look at the pictures, it doesn’t feel like my house. I’m probably just thinking too much again or something… But instead of what my house looks like, the pictures seem to be about choices.

For example, behind one door, ice cream. Behind the other, chocolate. I know it’s a bad example, but that’s the way I see it.

I don’t know how to explain exactly, but it’s like, if you pick the right room to enter, you’ll find something you like doing, and if you make the wrong choice, you end up getting bored easily.

Let’s put this in an adult’s setting. In one room, it’s for learning, the other, for playing video games.  The first room is the right room. If you entered there, good. If you entered the other room, you can always get back out.

If you pick the right passageway, you’ll last longer. Eventually though, you’ll get tired of the room and have to get out and pick another one. OR you could stay outside, in the gray area and just chill there till you know what choice to pick

signing off

365 Days: Clean Slate

Published January 12, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

[i interchanged two posts because the pictures involved would not upload]

This room I’m in right now is pink and blue. I bet a girly girl lives here. There’s a glass cabinet full of plush toys, a cabinet packed with books.. Hmm.. maybe she’s a nerd? The shoe cabinet is quite full. So are the closets. Maybe a fashionista? Oooooh. Speakers. Whats this thing connected to it? It looks like a USB with a button… What does the button do? *press* “WEEEENDY RUN AWAY WITH ME~” Okay, maybe she’s not a girly girl…

So many pillows on the bed! *starts bouncing on bed* The TV looks old, I wonder if it works…

This is the person who owns the room? She was such a cute baby! And there’s an altar to the left. Must be a Catholic…. Whats this basket? It’s filled with nail polish… Guess she likes that stuff.. The mug and the saucer are filled with accessories..and there’s another one filled with keychains..

Whats in this cabinet? School supplies…Art supplies… The girl who owns this room is weird -_- she has so much junk laying around. Plus, it doesn’t make sense how she can be so many personalities at once..

I’m leaving. *closes door*

Sorry if this was confusing! Today’s assignment was to look at my room like I’ve never been in it, so this is how it’d be for me. It’d be stressful to define myself, cause I define myself as me. Does that make sense?? Heehee.

signing off


Published January 12, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles


You know what really grinds my gears? Fishermen. Not actual fishermen though. Fishermen is my term for those people who fish, for compliments, or attention. They kind of work the same way anyway

A lot of things bug me, but this is probably at the top of my list.

[sorry, this is kind of a rant]

SO. This girl I know, I don’t know why, but whenever I talk about an accomplishment, she instantly says something to top it, to get the attention on her. I don’t know, I’ve become so irritated.

Not only does she seek attention, but she copies me, in any way she can. When we were little, when I’d talk about something about me, she’d say ‘Ako din’ which translated to ‘Me too’. She did that. EVERY TIME. No exaggerations here. And ever since, she’s been copying me.

Examples: I got a pair of converse. After, she asked her mom for a pair. I got a phone, she asked her mom for one. I start reading novels, she starts too, even though she’s alsways said that she’s hated reading. I grew my hair long, she grew hers [she always had her hair in a bob], I start making art, you know what comes after. There are a lot more things that I could list down but I think it’d make this post too long.

Did I mention that she has ALWAYS blamed everything on me? Yeah. So I’ve been taking all the punishment for her faults since forever. Thank God my parents don’t believe her.

She’s kind of a narcissist.

Guys, if you need to rant about anything, comment below. Don’t worry. I won’t judge you

signing off