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365 Days: Musical

Published January 26, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

[I’m sorry I haven’t posted much this week, school’s been keeping me stressed and busy. I’ll get back to work :)]

Have I mentioned that music is practically my lifeline? I cannot even bring out the words to explain it. Let’s just say I’m in love with it

Music keeps me sane. I always have headphones and music. Anytime. Anywhere. I can’t live without it. It helps me think…I know that for most people it’s the other way around, but that’s me.

[I even have music playing now]

It’s one thing that’s meant for everybody. It’s a common denominator that brings people together. But it’s also beautiful how so many people can sing one song, but give it different meanings, two people sing a song and give it two opposite meanings. For example, a song about a boy who left. To one person, it could mean just that, but to the other it could be about letting something go. It runs around the same context, but there’s such a big difference with the emotions when it’s sung separately by those two people

So, how did I fall in love with music?

It was my first love! Music’s been playing in my house since forever. My parents and I found it as a way to bond. At night, we’d sing till morning, then have the radio playing all day.

I don’t know if this works with other people, but does music help you figure out just what you want to say to this person? Like, this song plays and there’s just suddenly this one person you want to sing it to. Or like, one song that could just about sum up how you’re feeling that day.

Sometimes, music is your best friend, it doesn’t need to go up to you and hug you to make you feel better, but it just understands you and knows how to clear your head, and make you smile again.

Music, I love you ❤

signing off

365 Days: I Got Skills

Published January 22, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

You know what I’d really do willingly if I could? I would dance. Thing is, I can’t. If other people have two left feet, I’d probably have four.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m completely incapable of following choreography. It’s just that I get lost easily because all the steps look the same to me in a way. I can move, yes, I’m not stiff. But choreo is what makes a routine look good, and I just can’t follow for some reason. If I were to be the one to make the choreo, I would probably do okay, right? Wrong -_- still nothing.

We have this dance troupe in my school. They’re amazing. They’re synchronized, and the steps are just brilliant. I catch myself actually doing some of their steps sometimes. I do it once, twice, then I lose track of which comes first. It’s irritating…

Another thing I’d actually love to learn is draw. I make things out of scratch. But for some reason, I just can’t draw. It always looks the same. And I can never seem to make something original when I draw, since I would need something to base it off of.

You know those pictures online? The pictures of girls drawn in pencil. They seem so wistful in a way. YEAH. I really wanna draw something like those. The kind that looked cross with reality and anime. I really wanna learn how to draw! I just find people who can draw so amazing. Like, how do they even create such a beautiful thing with just pencil.

I guess I better start practicing

signing off

365 Days: Breaking The Law

Published January 20, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

In my school, we’re not supposed to have our phones on during class time. Being the little rebel I am, I left it on. I always do, I’m not used to turning it off because it’s just something I don’t do. The only time my phone is off is when it’s completely drained, plus it makes it easier to play games if the lecture’s boring when it’s on XD Teachers don’t check anyway

One night I got bugged. You see, when you plug my phone in to charge, it doesn’t vibrate, so I put it on general. The next morning, I didn’t realize that I hadn’t set it back to silent. I realized it while I was talking to a friend but forgot to set it back -_-

So all was well until we were taking this biiiiig English test and suddenly Finn’s Baby Bun song starts blasting from my phone’s speakers. My eyes widened and I dropped my pen. I just knew I was in big trouble. Karma finally caught up with me.

I had to surrender my phone to my school’s High School Office for an entire week. I wouldn’t have been so upset about it if it weren’t that particular day. IT WAS FRIDAY!!!! Which meant I had to endure a weekend the next two days THEN endure another 5 days of boredom without my phone. That week was torture. I felt like I was going crazy. At random times in the day, I would feel my pocket and panic because my phone wasn’t there, then I’d remember it was confiscated. It was my most paranoid day of the school year. It was agonizingly slow too. Thank God the week after I could get my phone, it was Christmas break. The school even wrapped my phone up like a present.

I still don’t turn off my phone, but now I make sure that it’s on silent 😛

365 Days: In A Crisis

Published January 18, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Teenage Crisis: Your crush sees you doing something embarrassing

What girls I know would do: Run. Run. RUN FOR THE HILLS!

What I would do: laugh it off, tell the guy to join us. But on the inside, I’d be panicking

I guess I’d react okay. I’m really good at projecting emotions, so it’s not really obvious when I’m feeling a certain way. In situations like those ^, I feel that you really shouldn’t show any evidence that you’re feeling embarrassed cause chances are, it’ll make the guy awkward.

In a real crisis though, like with what happened in Yolanda, I really have no idea how I would react. I’ve never been in actual crisis. I’ve been blessed to have never been in one..

Maybe, I’d cry out of desperation, or laugh out of nervousness, or act wacky to hide my fear…

I honestly don’t think I could keep my calm.

I would sob. I would ask God why. I would be traumatized.

But before any of that, I would pray, I would do my best to help those I can, and I would do my best to stay alive for those who love me.

signing off

365 Days: Toot Your Horn

Published January 17, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

I admit I spend a lot of time self-loathing. I don’t know why. It’s become a sort of habit. And I really don’t like it. So I was glad with today’s assignment from 365 Days. It’s basically telling me to talk about something I like in myself.

Here goes.

I actually like that I look the same with and without my glasses. Cause my dad looks totally different without his glasses. I’m glad I don’t look completely different.

I actually like my eyes. Even if they are kinda cat-eye-shaped. They aren’t too small or too big. They change color [depending on the lighting] and my lashes make them look like they’ve been lined.

I actually like that I write everything I think. It makes me remember better.

I actually like that I’m the ‘right size’. Or at least the school infirmary says so. Not too skinny, not too plump. Just right.

I actually like that I can make home-made stuff easily. It saves cash. It’s a good past time. It trains your patience.

I actually like that I have a lot of pets. It makes me somewhat responsible. It keeps me happy. They make good teddies. They’re fluffy.

I actually like that I can manage to get along with my teachers.

I actually like that I can sing at least partially well. [speaking of, I was thinking of posting a cover. Should I?]

I like that I’m good at listening to people.

I like that I know my friends feel safe to talk to me about their problems

That is honestly all I can think of. I think it’s cause it’s near midnight and I’m just tired in all ways possible. And cause I’m not used to saying good things about me. This has been one of the most mind-frying posts yet

signing off

PS: there will be a follow up on this in thought bubbles, so check there tomorrow!

Notification to Readers

Published January 14, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

So I just want to say that I will not write about politics, recent issues, religion, etc. Regardless if it’s in 365 days or whatever

My blog is about me and things I care about and honestly, I really don’t want to talk about those things because

a) It’s not in my league as a 14-year old

b)It might get me into trouble

c) I feel that those topics are just too heavy for my blog

d)Writing about those topics just steer my blog in a direction I don’t want it to go

e) I’m not involved in those things fully yet

I hope you guys understand. I just cannot write about those things. I’m too opinionated for such controversial topics.

Don’t worry, I’ve put up alternatives for when I receive prompts regarding those manners. Just watch out for them.

365 Days: Take Two

Published January 14, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

[Hey guys, sorry I wasn’t able to post this on time. This was supposed to be posted yesterday!]

I took two photos today. One of the outside of my house, and one when I directly come in. For some reason, they won’t upload, so I’ll just tell you guys what the photos look like.

The one of the outside shows the gate for cars, and the smaller gate for people, along with the plants and my car. The one of the inside shows a lot of doors, and a sort of corridor. Basically, the pictures are filled with passageways.

I don’t know why, but when I look at the pictures, it doesn’t feel like my house. I’m probably just thinking too much again or something… But instead of what my house looks like, the pictures seem to be about choices.

For example, behind one door, ice cream. Behind the other, chocolate. I know it’s a bad example, but that’s the way I see it.

I don’t know how to explain exactly, but it’s like, if you pick the right room to enter, you’ll find something you like doing, and if you make the wrong choice, you end up getting bored easily.

Let’s put this in an adult’s setting. In one room, it’s for learning, the other, for playing video games.  The first room is the right room. If you entered there, good. If you entered the other room, you can always get back out.

If you pick the right passageway, you’ll last longer. Eventually though, you’ll get tired of the room and have to get out and pick another one. OR you could stay outside, in the gray area and just chill there till you know what choice to pick

signing off