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365 Days: Kick It

Published January 3, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Everyone has a bucket list. A bucket list is sort of like New Year’s Resolutions, but for your whole life. It’s what you want to achieve in life; people you want to meet, places you want to go, things you want to do.

My bucket list has 20 items so far:

1. Climb a wall like Spiderman

2. Hug a cloud [don’t judge me]

3. Walk outside on my own [I’m not allowed to walk. Again, overprotective parents]

4. Get an orange ID [this allows me to get out of school on my own without a fetcher]

5. Redesign my room

6. Give out all plushies [I just can’t, but I have toL]



9. Get in and out of Bermuda Triangle

10. Become more of an optimist

11. Sing alone onstage in front of an audience of 100+

I know I said there were 20 things so far on my bucket list but I’m gonna stop here,  you guys don’t need to know the rest. ‘Cause today’s post is about… [insert drumroll here]

#11! Yay! –FIREWORKS-

I REALLY REALLY WANNA SING ONSTAGE. I’ve loved singing since forever. I sang my first song when I was around 2 years old. It was Filipino and it was called ‘Kung Ako Na Lang Sana’ which translated to ‘Wish It Was Me’ It tells the story of a girl who loves this guy, and the guy has a girlfriend and isn’t happy but won’t break up. The girl in the song is the best friend of the guy and she confesses her love via the song. It’s a beautiful song and I still love it.

I guess I love singing so much because I grew up in an environment with a lot of music. And it kinda came naturally to me, it just happens. But I never performed for real till about, 3 years ago.

In 5th or 6th grade, I just had the urge to audition for the glee club, and oh my god I passed. The glee club covered choir in masses and concerts for events. So for the first concert, we rehearsed for around 3 months.  Stage rehearsals came, the entrances and exits, the costumes, the lights, the dressing rooms. I just fell in love. I knew I was meant to be onstage. I loved the adrenaline rush when I got to sing with the rest of my club mates. The fact that they were there with me really lessened the stage fright. The applause you got after was just amazing. I was addicted to it.

So here I am, looking for another chance to just be onstage. Problem is, my parents won’t let me join anything that will let me sing. It’s a sad thing. But one day, I will cross that item off my list.

signing off