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Thoughts on ‘Toot Your Horn’

Published January 19, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

This week, I actually wasn’t able to type in advance for 365 Days. The other night, as I was typing out my “Toot Your Horn” post, I realized that it was REALLY hard. I was struggling to find things I liked about me.

I texted some of my friends and asked them what they liked about themselves too. The first reply came 30 minutes after I sent the question. It had only 4 things on it, so I asked why the reply took so long. Her answer: I really don’t know. It was so hard to think of something I liked about me.

The other replies came after, and I asked them what took so long, their answers were somewhat similar

That got me wondering… why is it so hard for some people to appreciate themselves?

The answer came to me when I recalled the previous quarter of school. We talked about commercials and ads in Media Class.

Basically, media contorts reality. It’s heavily edited in the visual aspect, to make people, things, and places look more attractive.

We start watching TV at around age 5-6, right? That’s when we see all the people, even cartoons, that we base our definition of ‘Pretty’ on. And then, you grow up, wanting to be like these people on TV. Be as pretty, tall, skinny. But you can’t look like them. Why? Because they aren’t completely real. They get filmed, then edited. They could look like frogs when they’re filmed, and look like J.Lo in the output.

This is honestly something most people my age don’t realize. Which is why they don’t eat lunch, wear makeup, burn their hair with irons, and wear heels.

So I promise from now onwards that I will not aim to look like those girls on TV. I will eat, I won’t use an iron, I will not wear makeup [unless needed] till I am 16, I will be healthy. I will not change my appearance for the pleasure of others. I will not compare myself to others. I will love myself

signing off