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365 Days: Resolved

Published January 2, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Personally, I have never had a list labelled “New Year’s Resolutions” on top. They were kind of all in my head; what I wanted to accomplish, what I wanted to do, how I wanted them done. A list seemed like a hassle to me. Plus, it was so much easier with them in your head, cause then, when you’re about to do something, there’s like a little post it note in your head on how you’re going to do it.

This year though, I had actually put up a list on my little cork board, it reads:                


  • Eat less sugary stuff
  • Write down ALL assignments [yeah, even the little ones that your English teacher gives]
  • Spend less
  • Drink more water
  • Keep blog active
  • Keep goals in check

I actually put a copy of this on the front of my binder, notebook [where I put my topics for posts], and planner since I really want to remove my bad habits. Like, when you do something or remind yourself to do something, it becomes a habit. And those are habits I want to pick up.

I honestly don’t know if that list is considered New Year’s Resolutions. But basically, I have to fulfil those sort-of-promises to myself. So I self-proclaimed it my personal New year’s Resolutions

I’m really sorry that my New Year posts are short :< I just really don’t do anything big on New Year. The reason behind that will be put up another day

signing off


365 Days: Stroke of Midnight

Published January 1, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Last night as the clock struck 12, I was in the comfort of my own home. What better way to spend New Year than with family, right?

Before that, I was actually online reading posts on my reader and editing my last post, Salute to 2013.

When midnight arrived, we broke out the pots and horns. We didn’t use fireworks. And I swear, my mom is the cutest, she started banging together the covers of the pots [don’t worry, they’re made of metal], I was greeting people through text, my dad was cleaning up our Media Noche [meal to celebrate New Year]. My friend Isabelle called, but the call was short because we couldn’t hear each other because of the sound of fireworks and horns and pots that were coming from every direction possible. It was awesome. The noise wasn’t the annoying type like when you’re in traffic. It was a happy noise.

You could hear the sound of people screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR” at the top of their lungs followed by a firecracker or a blow on their horn. In the moment after everyone on the block yelled, me and my parents rushed to the 3rd floor to watch fireworks. It reeked of smoke, but the beauty of the fireworks was just magical, like lots of glitter in the sky. The stench was worth it. A beautiful view and crazy laughs with the people you loved.

Yeah, I guess I did like where I was.


I’m sorry its so short! I just dont know how to explain last night. Let’s just say it was a brilliant start to 2014

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