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Two Double A Batteries

Published January 3, 2014 by adventuresandthoughtbubbles

Last July, my golden Labrador, Alpha, had 9 puppies. Six survived, four were sold, And I was left with two bundles of fur. A raven black boy, and a golden girl. The boy is Addi and the girl is Aya. These two pups have been with me six months, and I want to tell you guys about them 🙂

These two pups are probably as opposite as it gets.

If those two pups were in the dictionary, Addi would probably appear as the definition of cuddles and Aya would be in the definition of hyper.

Addi is the type of dog who just really wants to chill. Like, when we let him out of their cage, he just goes to the corner of the 3rd floor where the shade is and sleep. When he feels hyper that day though, he’ll play. See, the partial reason Addi is so mellow is cause he has this problem with his hind legs. They have very little muscle. He can walk though, just cant jump or run. I love him loads though, he’s like a cuddly teddy bear, and he’s the most behaved puppy ever!

Aya on the other hand, she’s the type of pup you can train. She has loads of energy. She has a fixation with shadows and water. Just today actually, she didn’t know which to chase, me or my shadow. She knows how to behave, but she just prefers to be a bouncing wad of fur.  hahaha. This girl can catch almost anything that can be thrown by one hand, her favorite thing to fetch though is my slipper. She takes it without my permission though. I still have to work on teaching her not to take it…

So those are my two pups! Glad you got to know them too 🙂

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